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Follow The SapienStone truck
on its road accross Europe

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In discovery of Barcelona’s gastronomic markets

We are about to conclude our full immersion in Spanish design and flavours, but we make one more stop in Spain before returning to Italy and preparing to set off for new European destinations on our around the top tour.

Crema Catalana - Catalan Custard Cream

A traditional Catalonian dessert, Crema Catalana is now served all over Europe. It is a delicate custard cream, similar to crème brûlée and crème caramel but considered far superior to it in Spain – provided it is made correctly, in the traditional way!

SapienStone & Cupa Stone Open Day - Madrid

We continue our voyage promoting Italian-made excellence all around Europe. After Valencia and Alicante, our truck headed to Madrid for a very special day of cooking and design.

A glimpse of the land and history of Cervantes

On our way to Madrid for the next event!

Our truck is travelling the road between Novelda and the capital.


The Basque people constitute a separate ethnic and linguistic group of their own, and their cooking might also be considered a world apart. The Basque Country is a small region but its cuisine varies greatly, along with its geography. One traditional dish is piperrada, made with garlic, onion, tomato, red and green peppers, black pepper and olive oil and eggs: a favourite recipe because the colours of the ingredients recall the Basque flag (white, red and green).

SapienStone & Stonelink Open Days – Alicante

A special appointment with Italian design in Alicante: the SapienStone truck has come to the city of Novelda for a three-day celebration of design and food.

Are there really such things as pink lakes and buildings shaped like cicadas? In Alicante, there are!

After an intense week at the trade fair, the SapientStone truck gets back on the road, heading for Alicante. As we prepare for our next appointment with Italian design, we offer our readers a few excerpts from our travel log so far.

What to see in Valencia? Don’t miss the Ciutat de Les Arts I Les Ciènces!

On our tour of discovery of kitchen countertops – and more – we spent a few days in the lovely city of Valencia.


Here we are in Valencia, the first major stop on our “Around the Top” tour, as SapienStone brings its special stand on wheels to Espacio Cocina – SICI, one of Spain’s most important kitchen trade fairs.


A city within the city in Marseilles: Cité Radieuse

On our voyage through the lifestyles and design of European countries, we recommend stopping at the Unité d'Habitation de Marseille conceived and planned by Swiss architect Le Corbusier.

Daube Provençale

French cuisine is renowned for being as complicated and difficult as it is fascinating. But in actual fact French cooking is all about local recipes, which need no sophisticated techniques, just simple respect for the ingredients, their times and integrity.


Around the top: the voyage begins

One truck, two kitchens, a trip around Europe to show off and talk about an all-Italian product and discover new sources of inspiration and innovative new suggestions in Europe’s greatest capital cities.

Castellarano (RE) 13-FEB-2017