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1 Truck + 2 Kitchens + 18 Products + 40 m2 space

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Smoked herring and bacon roll on a carrot and yoghurt cream

Roast herring and bacon roll tied with chives, on an orange carrot cream, decorated with yoghurt and chives.


SapienStone at the Grand Design Fair

/images/att/posts/post-141/thumb/birmingham-1.jpg /images/att/posts/post-141/thumb/birmingham-2.jpg

Our truck went to England last week for Grand Design Live, an important event for design fans, who meet here every two years to discover new decorating and design trends, consult the experts and find new inspiration.

United Kingdom

La Carbonara

A black plate, a nest of large spaghetti with a yellow sabayon of egg yolks, crispy bacon and crushed black pepper to garnish.


SapienStone & Sinco Wood – Pordenone

/images/att/posts/post-139/thumb/pordenone-1.jpg /images/att/posts/post-139/thumb/pordenone-2.jpg

After Germany, our truck set off for Italy for a new “Around the Top” event.


Sapienstone & Küchen-Atelier Hamburg

/images/att/posts/post-138/thumb/hamburg-1.jpg /images/att/posts/post-138/thumb/hamburg-2.jpg

This time we started in Hamburg, the first stop of the new series of events that will see us busy all over Europe in coming months.


Filet of Cerdo Iberico de Bellota, alioli and berry sauce

Pork fillet tied with string, seared in the pan and accompanied by a (dark red) berry sauce and (pale yellow) alioli on a white plate.


Sicilian sliced tuna steak

A sliced tuna steak seared outside and raw inside, on stewed Tropea onion and pomegranate seeds, green and red drops of parsley and pomegranate coulis on a black plate.


SapienStone & Gerald Culliford

/images/att/posts/post-133/thumb/london1.jpg /images/att/posts/post-133/thumb/london2.jpg

The last stop on our summer tour of Europe.

United Kingdom

Arroz negro y calamares with a saffron bisque reduction

A white plate with splashes of thick (yellow) saffron sauce, (black) rice in the centre and a whole (white) calamaro cut and curled Japanese style on top of the rice.

SapienStone & Cupa Stone Roadshow

/images/att/posts/post-127/thumb/cupa-3.jpg /images/att/posts/post-127/thumb/evento-cupastone-2018-img-sito.jpg

We’re back in Spain, this time to participate in a special roadshow with our partner and exclusive distributor Cupa Stone.


Leek and potato cream, beansprouts, fried leeks and paprika sauce

Leek cream (pale green) in a deep white dish with a broad rim, decorated with beansprouts, shredded fried leak and red drops of paprika sauce.  

SapienStone in Germany

/images/att/posts/post-125/thumb/IMG_2100.JPG /images/att/posts/post-125/thumb/IMG_2119.JPG

We’re back in Germany for more events in our “Around the Top” tour.



A fresh, flavourful Italian dish, tiger prawn salad combines summer greens with toasted sesame seeds, seared tiger prawns and croutons. The finishing touch is the dressing: ginger and prawn juice. Here’s how to make it.



A traditional dish from Ibiza, Sofrit Pagès is a peasant stew made from lamb, chicken and pork. Traditionally made on holidays, especially Christmas, it can now be found year-round in restaurants in the interior of the island.

SapienStone & Antonio Fayos Rizo

/images/att/posts/post-117/thumb/pulgarin-1.JPG /images/att/posts/post-117/thumb/pulgarin-2.JPG

Our travel through Europe continues.

KBB – Birmingham

/images/att/posts/post-111/thumb/default1.jpeg /images/att/posts/post-111/thumb/default2.jpeg

The second leg of the 2018 “Around The Top” tour brought the truck to England for the first time.


A new recipe from Valencia in Spain. Today we propose a creamy risotto, with saffron and seafood

Cevisama – Valencia

/images/att/posts/post-107/thumb/default1.jpg /images/att/posts/post-107/thumb/default2.jpg
The time has come: the “Around the Top” is off again!


/images/att/posts/post-121/thumb/cupa-3.jpg /images/att/posts/post-121/thumb/cupa-4.jpg

After visiting the Balearic Islands, our truck reached Portugal to then return to Spain again for two legs of the Around the Top tour.



Castellarano (RE) 13-FEB-2017

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