SapienStone in Germany

2018-05-11 15:26:19

Sapienstone & Jauer Natursteine

We’re back in Germany for more events in our “Around the Top” tour.

The first stop on our German tour was in Bielefeld, at the showroom of our retail partner Jauer Natursteine.

Our truck finally showed off its new image, with a completely new livery and interiors, to our German clients, who appreciated it a great deal.

On board our four-wheeled showroom there were meetings with sector experts and cooking demonstrations, where the qualities of the SapienStone porcelain countertop and the technical features of the induction cooker created in partnership with the Spanish company TPB tech were put to the test.

Our truck then continued towards Hartha, for a new event centred on design.


Sapienstone & Just Natursteine

The second stop on our German tour: Hartha.

The SapienStone travelling showroom was a guest at the Just Natursteine showroom on 25th April.

It was a packed day of meetings and cooking shows, where we welcomed aboard many people including sector experts and design enthusiasts.  

The guests were extremely struck by the efficiency, quality and, above all, the aesthetic beauty of SapienStone products.

The truck now has a new interior compared to last year, with an island kitchen in the centre with a Malm Grey texture porcelain slab, perfectly integrated with the Malm Black induction cooker, developed in partnership with the Spanish company TPB Top Porzelanik Barcelona®.

As well as the island kitchen, the SapienStone 4-wheeled showroom also presented a single-wall kitchen with an Earth Brown and Pietra Grey porcelain countertop and a wall display of all 18 SapienStone textures, which reproduce materials like stone, concrete and marble with incredible fidelity.

At the end of the event our truck got straight back on the road for the new stop on our Around the Top tour.


Sapienstone & Pretzsch Küchenstudio

On 26th April, our truck was a guest at another of our partner’s showroom, this time in the city of Dresden.  

The open day was held at the Pretzsch Küchenstudio retailer, where our 4-wheeled showroom opened its doors to a crowd of visitors, who had come to experience the quality of SapienStone products first-hand, for the whole afternoon.

As well as seeing all the brand’s colour varieties, displayed on a grid inside the truck, guests also saw SapienStone technology developed in partnership with the Spanish company TPB Top Porzelanik Barcelona® in action.

Our chefs organised spectacular cooking shows in the main kitchen, testing the resistance and efficiency of the integrated induction cooker mounted in the SapienStone porcelain countertop, to create an elegant effect of visual continuity between the top and the cooking surface, to the full.  

This is a real revolution, designed to meet the needs of kitchens of the future.

The tour through Germany also continues in May, where there will be another 2 important, design-focussed stops.  


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