Zurich: art, design and chocolate!

2017-11-02 09:14:19

While travelling through towns, cities and countries to reach the destination of our next event in Germany, we took a short break in one of Switzerland’s liveliest, trendiest and most multicultural cities: Zurich.

Here, postcard-worthy views combine with post-industrial districts and every corner is a revelation.  

From its churches to its lake, shopping, nightlife and museums, Zurich is far-removed from the tourist image of enchanting landscapes, snow and valleys traditionally associated with Switzerland.

For example, this multi-faceted city is home to the famous “Freitag Shop”, the store of the brand that has become famous for its bags made from recycled material like truck tarpaulins and inner tubes. Its strangest feature? The store has been entirely created inside a tower made of …containers!

But Zurich exudes art and culture, and a simple stroll can be transformed into a unique experience. We stopped for a long time to stare at the huge windows decorated by Marc Chagall in the Fraumunster Church. Truly magical!

And to end on a sweet note, before continuing our journey, we had a little indulgence by buying some typical Swiss chocolate. Every corner of the city is filled with chocolate delights – just go into any supermarket and you’ll be enveloped by the unmistakable aroma.

Our journey into design starts again from Switzerland and moves to our next event, next Sunday in Stockach, Germany.

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