2021-09-15 15:27:34

“The Perfect Blend. Foresighted Surfaces for a Sustainable Beauty” is the concept behind the exhibition at Cersaie 2021. An authentic journey developing over three areas, each with its own art-and-sound video-installation, focusing on three pairs of values that have always represented the Group Brands:

- architecture and nature
- beauty and sustainability 
- creativity and technology 

In this context, Sapienstone contributes to the Group’s exhibition and showroom set-ups with ceramic materials blending design and innovation, always respecting the environment and transversely representing these three pairs of values. 

Cersaie is not just a trade fair, it is above all an opportunity to meet and discover the latest design solutions. 
In the week devoted to Cersaie, the Sapienstone programme is packed with unmissable appointments at the showroom; register on the web to participate. In particular, the new collection will be on display and the scene will be dominated by sustainable innovation and that perfect blend that only ceramics can express. 

Stay Tuned!


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