SapienStone porcelain slab for tables

The SapienStone brand was created specifically as a surface for the kitchen and furniture, with stricter quality control than other porcelain products.

The table is an important part of the design of the home. The demanding role of this surface requires the table to appeal both aesthetically and functionally. And the choice of finishes for a table is a very important factor, as it must have the most suitable line, from the traditional to the ultra-modern.

The surface of a table must adapt to its many uses, and must offer technical qualities such as resistance to scratching and stains.

SapienStone offers a vast range of colours, finishes and thicknesses that make it perfect for tabletops. What’s more, the ease of cleaning our slabs make SapienStone’s products an incomparable surface for either dining or for food preparation.

Benefits of SapienStone for table tops

Beauty – SapienStone has a full range of colours and finishes that are second to none in the current countertop products offering.

Durability – Naturally resistant to heat and scratching, SapienStone is highly durable, rendering it the best product on the market.

Market credibility and reputation - Our Company has more than 50 years of experience in the production of ceramic materials and porcelain tile, and is a world leader in product innovation and environmental compatibility.

Full body and veins - All our products are full bodied and feature veining that runs all the way through each slab, ensuring consistency across the full surface of the product.
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