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A gathering place for family: a project by ZWEI Design


A family driven kitchen has different challenges to consider. Here it is not only important to focus on usability and room layout, but also on selecting the right materials. Together, this will ultimately make a better impact on family life.


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Small City Kitchen: a project by ZWEI Design


In a small space details are even more important. The advantage of investing in materials for a smaller space is that the costs are surprisingly manageable.


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SapienStone launches the new ACTIVE SURFACES countertops


Antibacterial, antiviral, anti-pollutant, anti-odour and self-cleaning, SapienStone’s ACTIVE SURFACES countertops are the result of a decade of scientific research by the Iris Ceramica Group.


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Federica & Co kitchen renovated with SapienStone


Federica Barbaranelli, owner of Federica & Co, a multifunctional space set up in an eighteenth-century manor house in Cóbreces, Cantabria, Spain, has chosen SapienStone’s Bright Onyx surface covering to revive the most important part of her home: the kitchen.


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Feel Around The Top, the new SapienStone campaign telling the story of the kitchen countertop through the five senses


The kitchen has very strong ties with the five senses. Sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch are all particularly stimulated in this room in the house. The new SapienStone campaign focuses on these ties, using the five senses as the means of expression for an experiential voyage around the kitchen countertop.


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