A family kitchen – Interview with Nadja and Artur


Designing a kitchen for a young family was the challenge architecture and interior design studio Zwei Design described to us in this article.
The kitchen belongs to Nadja and Artur, who have two small children, another baby on the way and a dog, and wanted a practical, functional space of quality design that would not make their already chaotic family life even more complicated.

The kitchen Michael and Talitha designed for them is extremely linear and neutral, in pale colours. We talked to Nadja and Artur to find out how the family is enjoying life with a SapienStone countertop and ask what kind of kitchen they wanted for their home.

Nadja wanted a kitchen designed for a large family, which had to be easy to use and clean, because with three children, you never have enough time for everything!
Nadja wanted an open space kitchen and living room, promoting communal living and communication so she could keep an eye on her children from the kitchen.

We chose SapienStone’s Urban Argento countertop because it’s very practical and really beautiful too. Minimal in design but lively, with a surface that looks like natural stone,” says Artur.

Of the five senses, the one the SapienStone kitchen countertop reawakens most in Nadja is sight, with its beauty and lightness, while Artur finds that it appeals to the sense of touch, because it is highly practical, and uninterrupted with its perfectly integrated cooktop.

Here’s the complete interview.


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