Interview with Massimiliano De Gregorio of De Gregorio Interni

2019-08-22 A few weeks ago we flew to Stuttgart to visit one of the most beautiful designer showrooms in the region.
There to welcome us was Massimiliano De Gregorio, owner of the “De Gregorio Interni” showroom, who spoke about the needs of German customers and kitchen trends.
Inside the showroom a modern island kitchen features SapienStone worktops in Urban Antracite.

Here is our exclusive interview.
Tell us about yourself and your showroom.
De Gregorio Interni has been in the interior furnishings sector in the Stuttgart region of Germany since 2001, notably in the city of Backnang. We offer a 360° Interior Design service, encompassing designs by an in-house team of Italian architects, right through to completion by industry specialists.
In addition to the design studio we have a large showroom of over 300 sq.m. displaying predominantly Made in Italy furniture by companies we are actively involved with. For our kitchen designs, most of the time we prefer SapienStone worktops because of their superb quality and performance.
What do your customers look for in a kitchen worktop?
For our customers, the ideal work surface is one that is always clean and hygienic, and is not damaged or stained by using it. It must be highly resistant, even to scratches and impact, and should not require special maintenance.
What are your most frequent projects? Private houses, public premises...?
Generally, De Gregorio works on private apartments, detached houses and villas. Projects that require particular care and attention to meet customer requirements.

What is the most popular design trend in Germany?
German customers prefer a clean, ergonomic design, always linear and minimalist. In Germany, dark surfaces are extremely popular. Urban Antracite, Pietra Grey and Dark Marquina are requested the most.
How long have you been a SapienStone partner and why?
We have been a SapienStone partner for about a year now. The partnership originated through Bischoff Stein + Design, a showroom which was one of the stages in the SapienStone #AroundTheTop truck tour in 2018. We saw the SapienStone large-format tiles for the first time and they struck us as being particularly beautiful.

What is the most appreciated innovation and/or quality of SapienStone kitchen worktops?
SapienStone worktops are high-tech with guaranteed excellent performance. In addition to these features, we really like its ability to produce textures that truly replicate the feel and look of natural materials, such as stone.
What does the kitchen worktop mean to you?
A kitchen worktop combines design and functionality, beauty and ergonomics in our kitchen designs for customers.
Massimiliano De Gregorio - Owner
Agnese Ercolanetti – Interior Architect
Alice Capacci - Architect


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