A small city kitchen – Interview with Melissa Schmidt


In this article architecture and interior design studio Zwei Design talked to us about designing and renovating a city apartment where all the spaces, including the kitchen, were rather small. The studio wanted to give the kitchen an airy, prestigious feel with light colours and top-quality materials, such as the Calacatta Statuario countertop with a natural finish that brings aesthetic quality and technical benefits to the kitchen. 

We asked apartment owner Melissa Schmidt what kind of kitchen she wanted for her home, what she thinks of her new kitchen countertop, and what the kitchen means to her. 


The kitchen Melissa chose, in Scandinavian style, was to be the centre of her apartment, which is why she asked Zwei Design to knock down a wall and create an open space joining the kitchen and the living room. She sees the kitchen as a place for creating new recipes and spending the evening after a day at work. 

“We’d always wanted a marble countertop, but marble is so delicate,” she tells us. “As soon as we heard about SapienStone countertops, we were sure they were right for us. We can chop right on the countertop, and its timeless design is highly resistant. This is what convinced us to choose it, and we couldn’t be happier! ” 

Sight is her favourite among the five senses, and she just adores the look the SapienStone countertop gives her kitchen, while she has been pleasantly surprised by its practicality and easy cleaning and maintenance. To sum up the countertop in one word: versatility.

Here’s the complete interview. 


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