Inspired by innovation… SapienStone’s new project starts here


Research, attention to detail, practicality, resistance, cleanliness. And of course design, taste, style and colour.
This is what kitchens are all about, according to SapienStone: innovative materials, advanced technologies and a forward-looking attitude, with countless trendy solutions allowing consumers to make their kitchens unique.

The kitchen is no longer a place for mealtimes only, but is increasingly integrated with the living area, becoming the true heart of the home and of our everyday lives.
The kitchen reflects the evolution of civilisation more than any other room, perfectly incarnating deeply rooted existential needs such as food preparation and consumption, warmth and communal living: functions that are still crucial today, but destined to change in response to changing modern life and the introduction of new technologies.

Inspired by innovation…
If we wanted to sum up the essence of SapienStone porcelain countertops in two words, they would definitely be innovation and inspiration.

INNOVATION, because this kitchen countertop only 12 or 20 mm thick offers unique aesthetic features such as through veins and unrivalled technical qualities which allow us to work with our ingredients directly on the surface of the counter. And SapienStone was the first to integrate an induction cooker right into its porcelain countertop, a true revolution that makes it possible to cook, dine and work on the same uninterrupted surface.

INSPIRATION, because SapienStone is a source of inspiration in kitchen design with its countless aesthetic solutions, vast range of colours and trendy finishes allowing anyone to dress up the kitchen to suit their needs and personality.
The great versatility of a material that is so innovative and high-tech yet natural, long-lasting and beautiful has made consumers fall in love with porcelain and demand it in their own kitchens.

The reporters
And who could be better qualified to talk about this concept than people who have been a source of inspiration to others for their ability to innovate: our outstanding reporters from the kitchen.
This year, SapienStone will be working with four very different people, four different ways of experiencing and interpreting the world that revolves around the kitchen, each with a different style and interpretation, allowing us to change our point of view on this room that is not only the place where we prepare food, but the place where we get together, the heart of the home where people talk and relate to one another, often an integral part of the living area.
Interior design, food, styling and lifestyle: these are the backgrounds our four reporters come from, each with his or her own unique personality and personal approach to the kitchen.

Young interior designers Michael and Talitha are a couple in life and in work. They live in the corner where Germany, France and Switzerland come together, and the place has had a major influence on their work. Their greatest source of inspiration is nature, with its colours, shapes and textures.
What are your sources of inspiration?
Aesthetically speaking, we’re often inspired by the clean lines, shapes, and effects of light and shadow found in a lot of Japanese architecture and design. And when it comes to sensory perception, we draw our inspiration primarily from the natural textures and materials we find around us, attempting to combine these two aspects.
What does innovating mean in your work?
We work for private clients, and we realise that what we do is a very personal matter. After all, we are invited into their homes; an individual sanctuary. We don’t see innovation as necessarily being a matter of designing or coming up with the next great idea, or setting the next major trend; it means listening to our clients and designing a space that is innovative for them, seeking creative design solutions to the problems they might have and foreseeing problems that could come up in the future.
What is your favourite SapienStone surface?
Basalt Cream would have to be our choice. We see it as the perfect combination: an interesting surface that conveys a sense of calm and warmth. This is a surface that could fit harmoniously into practically any kitchen.


She loves to travel and go abroad. This is how Lidia, a native of Cesena who has lived in Milan, Rome and New York, describes herself.  Food has always played an important role in her life, and in 2012 she started her blog, “Nonsolofood”, which is her great passion, along with photography and food.
What are your sources of inspiration?
The key to inspiration is being curious. Curiosity makes us want to discover things, to see beyond appearances. Not only when travelling, but at home in our own town, following the profiles of well-known international colleagues and of our own friends. The web is definitely a powerful way of finding things out.
What does innovating mean in your work?
As I work in the digital sphere, things are continually changing and innovating. You have to be able to keep up with the latest trends, subtle implications, new techniques in the kitchen, new styles in photography, while maintaining an identity of your own.
What is your favourite SapienStone surface?
Calacatta Statuario is the first surface I saw and tried out, and it was love at first sight … and now it’s going to be my own kitchen countertop.



Vega is the creative artist behind the Eating Patterns project, which began as an expression of her passion for cooking through her experience as a textiles designer. Vega now heads her own studio, where she creates gastronomic content and experiences combining art, food and design. 
What are your sources of inspiration?
I draw a lot of my inspiration from the ingredients themselves, the different varieties of fruit and vegetables I find in the market, their colours and shapes. When I travel, I always try to bring home new recipes and products; it’s very interesting to discover new dishes.
What does innovating mean in your work?
I seek to convey concepts through food, because I believe it is a universal language that everyone can understand. Where I can innovate might be in the form I give to these ideas: I’m in search of original, fresh compositions that you can devour with your eyes.
What is your favourite SapienStone surface?
Definitely Calacatta. I really like the pale colours, and the marble effect is really beautiful.

An expert in wedding etiquette and the history of dining, Giorgia is one of Italy’s most successful wedding professionals and organisers of special events linked with the art of the table and hospitality.
What are your sources of inspiration?
I’d say what inspires me is beauty, in all its forms, both artistic and practical. Paying attention to beauty in the broadest sense is an ability developed through analysis, observation, research and study in a great variety of fields. To me it definitely means listening to people and interpreting their desires through infinite variations, but also and above all selecting and adapting how I live and the tools I have at my disposal in life, which I live consciously, with intention. Inspiration generates innovative ideas, but all this needs time. And so do I!

What does innovating mean in your work?
I see innovation as a matter of capturing that spark that is lit when I look at things with greater freedom, an open-minded way, without being misled by social or cultural superstructures. My innovation is about research as well as intuition, and it always represents something new for me, occasionally something overwhelmingly different. What interests me is managing to capture the essence of what I have before me. This is why I use objects and colours associated with different evocations and idioms, attempting to create a memory that will strike a hitherto unexplored emotional space.
What is your favourite SapienStone surface?
It’s hard to choose, but as I love contrasts, I’d have to say Sand Earth, which inspires me to use extremely luxurious materials, against a warm, textured background in an industrial-chic spirit.


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