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The kitchen is a journey, the five senses guide us to discover it

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place filled with unforgettable memories and emotions. The eyes, mouth, nose, ears and hands are the sensory organs we use to savor every moment we spend in this magical place, which is engraved in our memory. While with Live Around The Top we told the story of life around the countertop, with Feel Around The Top we will be embarking on a multisensory journey, guided by our senses: sight, taste, smell, earing and touch. With our five senses, we will discover the kitchen and the SapienStone countertops, taking in every nuance, taste, smell, noise and sensation.

So beautiful that you could look at it a thousand times over

The SapienStone countertop has a strong appeal that will leave you pleasantly surprised.
A perfect design, fine details, veins running through the entire thickness; all this speaks of the beauty of the material that inspired it.
It is a never-ending journey of discovery: every time you look at it, you are sure to notice different nuances, variations of color and details that you hadn’t noticed before. An ever-changing visual experience, which celebrates beauty unaffected by time and makes the kitchen the focal point of the home.

Food Ensemble, the SapienStone countertop in music

Imagine if a chef, with the help of an assistant chef, and a musician were to give voice to a kitchen countertop. The Food Ensemble, experimental performers, prepared some seared swordfish with shaken chlorophyll on SapienStone Platinum White and Black Diamond countertops, also using the innovative Malm Black TPB tech® built-in induction cooktop. They captured all the noises made while preparing the dish and translated them into notes to create a musical cooking performance. The result is a sensory experience where the SapienStone countertop comes to life and expresses itself through its sounds, enhancing its characteristics through frequencies and melodies and transforming noise into emotions.

New textures

SapienStone produces porcelain stoneware kitchen countertops of the highest quality in production facilities that do not emit harmful substances, or even odorous substances, into the atmosphere and where processing waste is fed back into the production process. SapienStone’s recyclable countertops are made of ceramic clays and mineral colors that remain unchanged over time. They offer excellent technical performance, easy cleaning and eternal beauty.

The product range is available in 30 textures inspired by the most diverse materials such as wood, stone, marble and concrete, to satisfy any furnishing need.

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