The benefits of Kitchen Countertops by Sapienstone

SapienStone dresses up the kitchen in a great variety of colours. Our signature difference? SapienStone is a full-bodied porcelain imbued with veining that give its surface a more realistic look: a look that is unmatched in any other product.

Kitchen countertops

As an element crucial to both design and functional requirements, the countertop is one of the most critical features of the kitchen. The choice of countertop is one of the most important decisions when designing a kitchen, and a major investment destined to last for many years.


The SapienStone brand was created specifically as a surface for the kitchen and for furniture, with stricter quality control than other porcelain tile products.

Colours and Finishes

The range of colours for SapienStone kitchen countertops and furnishings is listed below. The colours in the catalogue most frequently used in kitchen countertops are white, beige, grey and black. Some materials are available with two different finishes.


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