Cutting Recommendations


SapienStone large format ceramics are supplied non-rectified and therefore must be detensioned, by making cuts of a few cm (average 3cm) on all four sides, before starting to carry out any other work.
We recommend using any type of cutting tool (disc, waterjet, CNC, etc.). We also advise making cuts on the long sides first, followed by the short sides.


Check the work bench is stable and flat. Select an appropriate disc taking into account the type of material to be cut (porcelain stoneware), thickness, angle and type of machinery used.
When cutting small pieces, it is good practice to secure them with an appropriate device to avoid any movement and consequent breakage.

For further information, please refer to our technical manual.


SapienStone large format ceramics can also be cut using a waterjet cutter. It is advisable to set working parameters taking into account all factors such as: type of material to be cut (porcelain stoneware), thickness and type of machine being used.
Cutting with a waterjet enables perfect shapes to be obtained with clean, very accurate cuts.

For further information, please refer to our technical manual.


Check the working surface is straight, clean and stable. Position a suitable number of suction cups in order to give the best possible support to the large format ceramic surface. Distribute the suction cups evenly, including on the section to be removed.
Use plenty of water sufficiently directed onto the machine tool.
The machine tool must be at least 1mm larger than the thickness of the large format ceramic being cut.

For further information, please refer to our technical manual.

Installation Instructions
We recommend wet cutting or the score and snap method during the installation process. Do not dry cut using power tools during the installation process. Improper installation techniques could expose installer to harmful dust.

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