What is SapienStone?

SapienStone is a brand of Iris Ceramica Group specializing in kitchen countertops, worktops, shelves, and tables made of porcelain stoneware. Its strong focus on design in the manufacture of large format ceramics proves that it has made significant technological progress, striking the perfect balance between aesthetics, design, emotion, and technical performance. A project born out of a very clear entrepreneurial outlook that has brought matter into a whole new dimension that encompasses the Group’s values.


A kitchen countertop is a surface that serves two basic purposes: an aesthetic purpose and a practical one, so that you can prepare your dishes.

Aesthetically speaking, our color palette allows you to match the product with all kinds of furniture and furnishings.

Practically speaking, there is no need (unlike other materials currently on the market) for chopping boards or other surfaces that prevent food from coming into contact with the countertop surface.

With its large 320x160 cm format, it is suitable for any type of top, peninsula, and island.


Clays and mineral colors are used to produce SapienStone, which are then pressed and fired, thus transforming them to create a high-performance surface. Greenhouse gas emissions have been considerably reduced by implementing an energy management system. Once it has served its purpose, the product can be recycled, which also makes it a low-impact, environmentally friendly product.

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Selecting the material to be used when making a kitchen countertop is a crucial step. Out of all the materials currently available on the market, Porcelain Stoneware is certainly considered one of the best due to its technical and aesthetic properties. By processing natural raw materials, which are used in combination with cutting-edge production technologies, we are able to obtain high-performance materials that are resistant to high temperatures, stains, chemicals, and scratches. The product is also suitable for use outdoors, since sunlight does not alter its characteristics.


SapienStone can also be used as a bathroom countertop or table top, whether for indoor or outdoor use. Offering excellent technical performance, it can also be applied to walls or floors for a seamless overall look, using the same color or combining different colors available in our range.

SapienStone panels can also be used as table tops, whether for indoor or outdoor use, since their colors do not change with sunlight, and they are also resistant to extreme summer and winter temperatures.


SapienStone dresses your kitchen in a wide range of colors, with a remarkable difference compared to other products: SapienStone is a full-body material with veining, which creates a realistic effect that had never been achieved before with other similar products.

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