Cleaning and Maintenance

SapienStone large format porcelain stoneware was developed to meet the most stringent requirements for kitchen counters, including resistance to high temperatures, staining, chemicals and scratches. The product is also suitable for use outdoors, since sunlight will not affect its characteristics.


It is essential to clean the surface thoroughly afterwards and remove any residues in order that the ceramic surface is ready to use.
Use clean water and dry with a paper towel or, preferably, a microfiber cloth and repeat until the surface is completely clean.
Particular care should be taken to remove any epoxy resin residues on joints between vertical and horizontal large format ceramics, panels or basins.
Epoxy resin products adhere to surfaces rather than being absorbed, making removal after hardening somewhat difficult.
It is essential to remove these residues when “fresh” using soft sponges, cloths and suitable cleaning products recommended by the manufacturers themselves.


A damp microfiber cloth and pH neutral liquid detergent are all that is needed for routine cleaning.
DO NOT use abrasive sponges, steel scourers, stiff brushes or detergents containing hydrofluoric acid or its derivatives.
Do not use detergents containing waxes and/or brightening agents.


For persistent marks use a soft sponge and specific detergent.
Never allow the detergent to evaporate on the surface.
Always rinse well after using detergents of any type.


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