SapienStone & Sinco Wood – Pordenone

2018-09-19 16:04:01

After Germany, our truck set off for Italy for a new “Around the Top” event.

This time we were guests at the Sinco Wood (Bonomi Pattini Group) showroom in Pordenone, for two open days completely centred on design made in Italy.
During the open days, guests came aboard our 4-wheeled showroom to see the excellence of porcelain stoneware kitchen tops first hand.

The large palette available, recently enlarged with the new Dark Marquina texture, delighted those present, who were surprised by the versatility of SapienStone kitchen tops, which know how to adapt to all style and design needs.
Another great success was the cooking show, during which our chefs not only delighted the palates of those present, but gave a demonstration of the incredible quality of SapienStone tops.

Highly resistant to heat, scratches and damage, SapienStone products are perfect for those who love kitchens without compromises.
The truck will continue its journey into European design in mid-October.
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