SapienStone & Stumpp Küchen

2017-11-09 09:14:19

The Sapienstone 4-wheeled showroom opens its doors to end customers.

Following a series of events dedicated almost exclusively to those working in the sector, the branded truck has hosted an event devoted to non-professionals.

The Open Day was held at the Stumpp Küchen showroom in Stockach, Germany.

Guests boarded the customised truck equipped with two kitchens, one of which was a working kitchen with an integrated induction hob with TPB tech® technology, directly inserted in the Basalt Black kitchen countertop.

Here they watched a special cooking show held by our chefs, who put the excellent qualities of the SapienStone kitchen countertops to the test.

As well as the cooking show, those present were able to experience the variety and textures offered by SapienStone first hand, and were pleasantly surprised by the material.

In the coming months our travelling showroom will continue its journey through the excellence of kitchen design.

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