SapienStone & Iris Store – Naples

2017-06-07 00:00:00

After spending months in Spain and Germany, the SapienStone truck is back in its home country.

Our travel log turns red, white and green for a series of new events!

Our first stop in Italy was Naples, where our travelling showroom stopped at Iris Store – Fior di Casa last Wednesday.

The doors opened to the public and the trade at 18:30 for a special focusing entirely on SapienStone products and Italian design.

Guests visiting the truck had a chance to experience the excellence, quality and, above all, variety of the porcelain kitchen countertops made by the company from Castellarano.

And to delight guests’ palates, a chef held a cooking show in the showroom using the innovative TPB tech® induction cooker integrated directly into the porcelain worktop.

The event in Naples, the first top in Italy on our “Around the Top” tour, was a great success!

Make a note of the next stop in your datebook: in Lecce on Wednesday, June 14.


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