2017-05-09 13:40:33

After its tour of Spain, our truck will continue on its journey through Europe. For the whole of the month we will travel Germany with our special itinerant showroom, presenting the excellent quality SapienStone kitchen tops made in Italy.

The first stop on our German tour was Munich. For three days our truck was hosted by Cool Giants, with a special open day dedicated to sector professionals.

The theme of the event was a “Pool Party”, organised at the “Area Hofquartier” of which Cool Giants is a partner.

For the occasion SapienStone opened the doors of its four-wheeled showroom so that visitors see the elegance and characteristics of the porcelain kitchen tops first hand.

As well as a vast range of colours and materials, participants could test the efficiency of the TPB tech® integrated induction worktop, mounted on an elegant Basalt Black top.

Finally, as the theme of the open day was a Pool Party, Cool Giants also provided an outdoor area in which the public could discover its range of products for outdoor kitchens.  

The next date with design made in Italy for the calendar is set for this weekend in Hartha. Continue to follow us at #AroundtheTop.


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