SapienStone kitchen counters take center stage at Casa Decor 2021

2021-04-20 16:16:29

SapienStone, the brand specializing in top of the range porcelain kitchen counters, takes center stage at the 56th Casa Decor. This year, the Madrid exhibition has asked established and rising professionals to furnish around fifty rooms in La Casa de Tomás Allende, a regionalist style building designed by architect Leonardo Rucabado and constructed between 1916 and 1920.

Iris Ceramica Group will showcase its products in two spaces.
The room designed by MORE & Co will feature an island kitchen complete with the latest SapienStone Platinum White kitchen counter, one of the brand’s surfaces inspired by stone. For the event, the counter is fitted with an innovative TPB tech® integrated induction cooktop. Created by SapienStone, in collaboration with Spanish company TPB Top Porzelanik Barcelona®, the cooktop integrates seamlessly into the counter, enabling you to cook directly on its surface.

The Terraza LDK Garden, designed by Estudio Alter Espacio, features several tables featuring Calacatta ACTIVE tops. With antibacterial, antiviral, anti-odor, anti-pollution and self-cleaning properties, the surface used for the tabletops is one of SapienStone’s most important innovations this year. The brand recently launched a new ISO certified ACTIVE countertop, designed to protect everyone’s health in the kitchen.

SapienStone products will be on display from May 13 to June 27 at Casa Decor 2021, Plaza Canalejas 3, Madrid. Visitors can view the brand’s beautiful kitchen counters, and also explore the technical advantages they offer in terms of resistance, durability and hygiene in the kitchen.

La Casa de Tomás Allende, which hosts the exhibition this year, extends over 5,000 m2, including 6 floors each 600 m2, a basement and large terrace overlooking Madrid.
Additional safety measures are in place. All visitors must adhere to timed entry slots and marked routes. Personal protective equipment must be worn and a safe distance maintained (social distancing). Hand sanitizers are provided on all floors.


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