SapienStone refurbishes its Castellarano showroom

2021-10-20 15:05:58

For Cersaie 2021 and to celebrate Iris Ceramica Group’s 60th anniversary, SapienStone has refurbished the Castellarano showroom with their latest products. The range includes the innovative Il Veneziano collection and designs which showcase porcelain stoneware’s potential, such as the book-matching effect which welcomes visitors to the venue.

A large wall opposite the entrance displays two mirror-image panels which illustrate this elegant way of matching surfaces, enabling sophisticated designs to be created for islands and peninsulas.

The showroom is designed to give the impression of a domestic home to welcome visitors and help them imagine their own kitchens upgraded with a SapienStone countertop. On entering the new kitchen area, the eye is immediately drawn to the stunningly beautiful Alpi Chiaro Venato surface which covers the island in front of the linear kitchen and also the wall behind as a splashback.

The linear kitchen combines the green of Alpi Chiaro Venato with pure white Bright Onyx, selected for the top, and Seminato Nero from the latest Il Veneziano collection. Inspired by the famous Venetian seminato flooring in the nobility's villas and palaces, it is offered with a modern twist in a full-body surface.

Various room settings are designed to highlight the range of SapienStone surfaces and the brand’s ability to customize each and every project. The design area showcases samples of all the SapienStone counters, tops and surfaces which combine a beautiful appearance with properties such as strength, durability, sustainability and ease of cleaning.

The newly refurbished SapienStone showroom reflects the very essence of the brand's DNA, including cutting-edge design, exceptional technical performance and a commitment to sustainability whose roots lie in Iris Ceramica Group’s 60 years of corporate history, which the Group is celebrating this year. 


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