SapienStone is attending SICAM with Iris Ceramica and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti

2021-10-27 16:54:12

In addition to the latest products by Iris Ceramica Group, such as LUCE, Hypertouch and Active Surfaces, the brands’ latest products were on display at the stand, harmoniously arranged to highlight the fact that the materials of the various companies can be integrated with one another to create spaces with a total look.

As for SapienStone, the Il Veneziano collection took center stage, which was chosen for the large kitchen island and the table. For the kitchen, a highly contemporary solution, in contrasting shades of black and white, was chosen: in fact, the kitchen island combined a SapienStone Seminato Nero countertop with an induction cooktop and built-in range hood by the Swiss firm Concept Swiss, as well as a base clad in Statuario Delicato Maxfine by FMG with special processing, which added value and a modern touch to the composition. This space also featured a pantry, fully equipped with household appliances, which was also cladded in Statuario Delicato Maxfine.

Other new products by the FMG brand were also displayed at the stand, including Breccia Medicea and Brazilian Blue. The latter was also used in a pre-fabricated bathroom with a cabinet entirely made with Venice Villa Blue. The architecture of the stand was also designed with Maxfine surfaces by FMG: the Rosso Lepanto surface was used for the outer walls and Black Onyx for the flooring, both 6 mm thick.
A reception area was also set up with several tables and stools in various finishes from the Palladio collection by FMG, as well as a table with a SapienStone Seminato Beige top. In the design area, the samples of the various colors were made in 3D by simulating small blocks of marble.


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