2022-03-04 11:17:44

We are glad to announce that the new Active Surfaces® website is online!
New sections dedicated to specific targets, from private customers to professionals, an original design and case studies explaining the concrete applications and major certifications of Active Surfaces®.
A dynamic, interactive experience for discovering the world of our innovative, eco-active ceramic surfaces, demonstrating the constant research and development work underlying our materials.
Be inspired by the harmonious blend of design, innovation and sustainability.

Visit and join the Active Surfaces® world!


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DISCLAIMER: The Active Surface brand is not available for import, purchase or distribution in the United States of America and territories.
Any and all product claims and descriptions contained on this website or in other sales or promotional materials regarding the Active Surfaces brand, including claims and descriptions of its public health benefits and antimicrobial or antibacterial effects, are not applicable in the US states and territories .