Top sales arguments for using Sapienstone porcelain as a countertop

Below are a number of arguments our customers normally use to present Sapienstone porcelain kitchen countertops.

Sapienstone is the world’s first brand of porcelain material developed specifically for kitchen countertops: designed, made and inspected specifically for use in kitchen countertops.

Porcelain is the latest trend in the kitchen, as demonstrated by the most recent international trade fairs, where the product appeared in the majority of kitchen furniture manufacturers’ stands.

The technical benefits of the material are unmatched; no other material traditionally used in the kitchen can offer similar properties. The material withstands the high temperatures of kitchen implements, is not scratched even by steel blades, and has passed the DIN 68861 stain resistance test.

The design and colours of the Sapienstone range were all developed exclusively for kitchen countertops, and the brand’s catalogue always includes the trendiest colours and designs.

Sapienstone is the only brand of porcelain on the market offering the opportunity to purchase an induction cooker in the same colour.

It is also made to look like marble, with through veins to create continuity in the design of the material, and, as in the other colours, the base is continuous with the colour of the surface.

These are 6 reasons why Sapienstone is one of the products with the greatest potential for future applications as a kitchen countertop!


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