What are the five main differences between Sapienstone countertops and other porcelain brands?

Technology. We have more than 50 years of experience in the production of porcelain materials, and were pioneers in the development of new products. We have complete control over the entire industry, from processing raw materials to packaging materials. Other companies do not have the same degree of control, meaning they cannot trace the entire production cycle. There are many other porcelain countertop brands, but not many companies that have their own production plants, making it difficult for them to help customers with particular problems.

Through colouring. Our products are coloured uniformly throughout. Most porcelain products do not have the same uniformity of colour, and the edge of the countertop is often a completely different colour from the top surface. We have more than 150 raw materials that we use in our products, guaranteeing the brand’s future evolution. 

Design. We have our own design staff who work on all our materials, giving each of them its own unique character. Some companies buy designs in photo databases, so they cannot offer exclusive designs as we do. We have more than 50 years of history in the business and are known as trendsetters and makers of highly original products.

induction on porcelain countertop

Through veins. Sapienstone was the first porcelain kitchen countertop brand to come up with the concept of through veins in its materials.

induction on porcelain countertop

Integrated induction cookers. Sapienstone is also the only brand on the market offering induction cookers in the same colour as its kitchen countertops, forming a single uninterrupted surface.

induction on porcelain countertop

These are the five points that make all the difference, making Sapienstone the benchmark product in the world of porcelain countertops.


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