What benefits does Sapienstone offer over other materials?

Let us explain the benefits of using porcelain rather than other countertop materials, such as marble, granite, quartz, laminates, steel or solid surfaces.

There are three major problems with marble in the kitchen: it absorbs liquids, it is easily damaged by acids such as lemon juice, and it can scratched with a knife blade. Sapienstone is non-absorbent, scratchproof, and is not harmed by acids.

The problem with granite is absorbency, which is why many companies treat it with oils, making the granite absorb liquids and chemicals that give it its colour. But these oils and chemicals can cause problems in contact with food. And the treatment has to be repeated every two years. As we have seen, Sapienstone porcelain is non-absorbent.

Quartz was used to make kitchen countertops for years, but it has two major problems: it is not heat-resistant, so you cannot rest pots and oven dishes on it, and it is easily scratched with a knife blade. Sapienstone has neither of these problems: you can rest hot dishes on it, and it is scratch-resistant.

Wood laminates are inexpensive but subject to wear and require replacement with time. Moreover, laminates absorb water and deteriorate, they are easily scratched, and you cannot place hot objects on them. Sapienstone perfectly withstands day-to-day use in the kitchen.

The main problem with steel is that it is very delicate as a kitchen surface: it is easily scratched and stained. All these benefits have made our product a great success on the market, and more and more customers are asking for Sapienstone rather than other products such as marble, granite or quartz.


induction on porcelain countertop


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