Which are Sapienstone’s most popular colours?

The Sapienstone catalogue includes colours responding to the latest trends in fashion and the market. The three main colour trends at the moment are grey, dark colours and shades of white.

We offer a number of different products in the grey range: Pietra Grey, Urban Argento and Malm Grey. Each of these products has particular features of its own: Pietra Grey marble is trendy all over the world with its subtle veins and unique elegance; Urban Argento has a light, very exclusive structure not found in any other porcelain for kitchen countertops; and Malm Grey is inspired by steel, for kitchens with an industrial atmosphere.

Dark colours include Basalt Black, with its unique through veins; Urban Antracite, with a subtle pattern like smoothed cement, and Malm Black, like a big piece of dark metal.

Our company is known the world over for the purity and quality of the white minerals we use to make our products. Uni Ice and Calacatta Statuario marble are the most popular shades of white among our customers today.

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