Why choose Sapienstone kitchen porcelain countertops?

Sapienstone is a brand created by the Iris Ceramica Group, a world leader with more than 50 years’ experience in ceramics production. Our product, designed specifically for use in kitchen countertops, is the result of experience and major investment in innovation.

You are probably considering other kinds of porcelain countertops which are also used in wall and floor tiles for your kitchen countertop. We recommend using a porcelain designed specifically for making countertops, such as our product, the first porcelain developed specifically for the kitchen.

Sapienstone quality control is stricter than other brands, resulting in more beautiful surfaces. We conduct three quality controls during production, and all the slabs we consider unsuitable for use as countertops are sent back for further processing.

The principal technical features of Sapienstone are heat resistance (you can rest oven dishes and hot pots and pans directly on the counter), colourfastness and stainproofness, for countertops are made of non-absorbent material; compare our product to materials such as marble, quartz or laminates.

Our brand slogan is “Dress your kitchen”, because we believe the countertop should perfectly complement the rest of your kitchen, and we are working hard to offer you the best designs that integrate with all the other items in your kitchen.

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