Working with the Sapienstone trademark: kitchen and marble dealers

Sapienstone is a porcelain kitchen countertop brand and a member of the Iris Ceramica Group. The company’s sales and marketing strategies are making the brand a world leader on the kitchen market.

We are looking for kitchen stores all over the world with an interest in displaying our product, and marble dealers who want to add porcelain stoneware to their range.

We would be happy to appear in your kitchen showroom to show our product to consumers. The benefits we offer dealers are training and consulting services with assistance for their entire sales staff, who will be able to count on a product that is considered the best in the world in design and quality. This is why we invite kitchen shops to participate in our project and show Sapienstone in their showrooms.

We are also looking for marble dealers with an interesting in using Sapienstone to make countertops and in other applications, as wall or floor coverings. Our specialised staff offers technical training, and we help marble dealers promote our product in kitchen stores in the area they serve.

If you have a kitchen or marble business and would like to make a proposal of your own, we would be happy to talk about it with you.

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