Would you like to host an event with the Sapienstone truck in your store?

The Sapienstone truck travels all over Europe promoting our product among marble workers, designers, wholesalers and consumers: a mobile showroom where visitors can view the entire range of Sapienstone colours and a number of possible applications of the material.

Our truck is available to everyone who works with us (wholesalers, marble companies, furniture manufacturers and kitchen stores) to show off our product and the latest new developments. The truck takes up about 50 m2 of space when open, which means you need to have enough space and obtain authorisation to park it.

If your company works with Sapienstone and you would like to host our truck, please contact our staff to arrange for a visit. We will assess whether the truck can be brought to you for a joint presentation when one of our tour itineraries brings us to your area. Follow our truck’s route on our Facebook page.  


If you need any information please contact us using the form below.

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