The Noglla Restaurant in Wiesbaden: perfect for people with allergies


Here’s a suggestion for people who suffer from allergies or food intolerances! .

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SapienStone at Milan Design Week 2018: two events to present kitchen countertop innovations.


The experience of the SapienStone brand at Milan Design Week 2018 was a resounding success: in the week dedicated to design and furniture innovation, SapienStone found the ideal setting to present itself once more to sector professionals and the general public, with products that are the result of innovative research.

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SapienStone – Kitchen Masterpieces


Art, food and design meet in the new SapienStone press campaign 2018.
An ambitious concept whose aim is to highlight the aesthetics and quality of SapienStone porcelain kitchen countertops.

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Chocolate Salami – A Recipe from “Jul’s Kitchen”


Today, Tuscan blogger Giulia Scarpaleggia invited us to have a snack together.
In her blog Jul’s Kitchen she speaks passionately about her land, Tuscany, which she recounts through simple dishes made with fresh, wholesome ingredients.

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