Why SapienStone kitchen countertops are the top


The choice of countertop is one of the most important and most critical aspects of kitchen design. SapienStone has revolutionised the concept of the kitchen countertop, combining unmatched beauty and design with a series of technical benefits that make the countertop a high-performing surface on several levels.

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Chocolate and cream cake – recipe by Eat me Baby


Albane from the blog Eat me Baby is back to delight our palates with a delicious dessert.

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Spinach waffles – recipe by Freiknuspern


Our dear Fabienne is back to delight our palates once again (with her light touch!) While she refreshed us this summer with her cool sorbet, she now presents a super savoury recipe!

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Salt Cod Kokotxas – recipe by Sweet&Sour


Today we present you with a traditional Basque dish, made especially for us by Virginia of the blog Sweet&Sour.

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