SapienStone dresses up the Le Bec Fin pastry shop in Madrid with all the luxury of a jewellery store


The client’s intentions were clear: opening a pastry shop with all the atmosphere of a jeweller, displaying sweets in a space where all the attention is focused on them and giving them the allure of objects of desire capable of engaging all the senses.


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Black Forest Cheesecake – recipes by Frames of sugar


Antonella of Frames of sugar sweetens this July afternoon for us.


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Gnocchi alla sorrentina – recipe by the Greedy Gourmet


One of the best-known Italian dishes abroad, reinterpreted for us by British food blogger Virginia, from her blog Greedy Gourmet.

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Fresh spinach pasta – a recipe by Sweet&Sour


Today’s recipe recalls the traditions of our mothers and grandmothers. It is an original version of fresh pasta, tagliatelle, with spinach!

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