Interview with Stefanie Helen of The Pink Macaron


Stefanie Helen is a luxury blogger from Munich who is passionate about fashion, lifestyle and macarons. She has a blog, The Pink Macaron, and a few months ago she got a new kitchen and island with a SapienStone countertop.

We went to interview her to get to know her better, to discover why she chose SapienStone and to find out how it’s going with her new countertop.

The countertop that she fell in love with is Calacatta Light, one of SapienStone’s most popular due to the brightness that it brings to spaces. As well as the beauty of its decorative marble effect, it is hard-wearing, long-lasting and easy to clean, making it an essential element of any kitchen.

But let’s hear from Stefanie herself what she thinks of SapienStone and her new porcelain countertops. Happy reading!

Stefanie, tell us about yourself and the things you love.

Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Stefanie, a luxury blogger and young founder from Munich! I love everything that makes life more beautiful, in all senses! In my case, especially my two adorable cats, elegant bags and French patisserie!

What does the kitchen mean to you, both in terms of a place and an experience?

For me a kitchen is a place of happiness and being together. My husband cooks at home and I love his delicious dishes. So I’m happy when I watch him cooking, but I also love the food! I think our kitchen reflects us really well. It’s the focal point and the centre of our living space and I love getting guests together round our SapienStone bar and seeing them having a good time!

What kind of kitchen did you want for your home? Tell us a bit about the design of your new kitchen.

We wanted a modern, really bright kitchen with a few classic touches. The kitchen had to be really spacious and even the bar and the hob had to be works of art! We wanted marble with gold and copper elements.

Why did you choose the Calacatta Light worktop by SapienStone? What do you like most about the SapienStone countertop in your kitchen?

We were impressed by the special features of SapienStone right away. We knew from the start that we wanted a “marble” surface. Then, when we started to consider the different possibilities, we realised that natural marble is delicate and its appearance doesn’t last over time. With SapienStone we managed to combine the perfect look of a marble surface with the extraordinary features of porcelain.
The surfaces are extremely resistant to scratches, stains and acids and stay as beautiful as the day we got them.
When we were designing the kitchen, we noticed right away that the space, with its sloping ceilings, needed a relaxing surface. In general, we wanted to create a bright concept that was also extremely elegant and so we considered different surfaces. Calacatta Light caught our eye right away because the pale grey inserts were exactly what we were looking for. We chose the glossy version to enhance the surfaces to the full. We were able to choose the perfect combination for our kitchen.

What comes to mind when you think of Italian design?

Really, when I think of Italian design I tend to think of bright colours and Capri lemons! That’s what I love about the minimalist design of SapienStone. It doesn’t matter what colours, materials or shapes you want to combine: Calacatta is always the perfect complement.

Which of the five senses is most stimulated by a SapienStone countertop?

The sense of touch! Because when you touch a Sapienstone countertop it feels incredibly smooth, strong but delicate at the same time.

Which is your favourite sense and why?

Taste, because the stomach is the way to the heart :)

If you had to define a SapienStone kitchen countertop in one word, how would you describe it?


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