Interview with Clysa


We met with interior design studio Clysa to talk about kitchens and their most recent projects in a number of private homes featuring SapienStone surfaces.

The key to the work of the Spanish studio, founded in 2000, is innovation: “We create projects that inspire us, always guided by our creativity, sensibility, empathy, professionalism and, of course, our passion for design”.

We talked to designers Raquel García and Rogelio Martinazzo, who chose a SapienStone Light Earth porcelain countertop for their interior design project in a private home in Barcelona.


Can you tell us about the kitchen design project? What were the clients’ initial requests?

The clients wanted to rehabilitate the entire first floor of their home in Barcelona. Their goal was to unify the interiors harmoniously in order to obtain more space, maximising the rooms’ practicality and convenience.

We chose Santos’ Fine kitchen and completed it with a SapienStone Light Earth countertop, which was perfect for the project. 

The clients also wanted to open up the kitchen and connect it with the living room, but they were afraid of sacrificing the soundproofing of the bedrooms on the upper level; we solved this problem with an Albed sliding door. 


Why did you choose SapienStone? What convinced you to use this product?

We’ve been working with this material for some time, and it’s always given us good results. We trust the brand for its quality, practicality and performance. 

SapienStone products captured our attention for their finishes, because they have very good textures with a very natural appearance. Another point worth emphasising is the price to quality ratio, which is comparable with the best brands. 


How does the SapienStone Light Earth countertop fit into your project?

We chose the Light Earth countertop for its texture. While very modern, it gives the product the feel of timeless, elegant natural stone. Combined with wood and white cabinets, it allowed us to create a cosy, modern, brightly lit kitchen underlining the sensation of natural materials and large spaces.

How important is the countertop in kitchen design?

The kitchen countertop really stands out visually, especially in a kitchen like this with a big peninsula, and so the choice of a good countertop material is very important to obtain a beautiful, harmonious result. 


What’s the top in the kitchen, for you?

A kitchen that is practical, and allows the client to identify with the final result.   

City: Barcelona

Kitchen countertop: SapienStone Light Earth, natural finish

Kitchen furnishings: Santos 

Distributor: Cupa Stone Barcelona 

Designer: Clysa Diseño Contemporáneo - Raquel García and Rogelio Martinazzo 

Photographer: Kris Moya Studio 


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