Giorgia Fantin Borghi - Table stylist

2019-04-05 An expert in wedding etiquette and the history of dining, Giorgia Fantin Borghi is one of Italy’s best-known professional organisers of weddings and special events linked with the art of the table and entertaining.

Born in Padua, she moved to Milan at the end of the ‘80s and began her career in marketing while studying philosophy. She joined Merrill Lynch in 1996 and became Marketing & Events Coordinator in 2000, overseeing the organisation and management of all events in Italy. At the same time, she gained experience in national and international protocol working alongside the former American ambassador, who was CEO of the company at that time. In 2004 Giorgia Fantin Borghi left the company to set up her own agency, quickly becoming a landmark for Italian and international companies in the fields of high finance and luxury.

But Giorgia Fantin Borghi’s real vocation has always been etiquette, thanks to the imprinting of her family tradition: her grandmother “taught manners” in Padua in the late ‘50s, instructing “eligible young ladies” in etiquette. Over the years this tradition and a passion for the art of entertaining became Giorgia’s real profession. Courses in manners and business etiquette added to her education, along with exploration of international cultures, particularly British, French and American.

She has been a member of ANCEP, Italy’s National Association of Organisers of Ceremonies for Public Sector Organisations, since 2014. Early in 2018 she created BetterTable, a new division focusing on the art of the table for both private citizens and enterprises.
Giorgia currently works in design, organisation and production of exclusive, sophisticated weddings and events and holds workshops focusing on themes in wedding organisation and table etiquette, working in partnership with some of Italy’s top chefs, including Enrico Bartolini, Enrico Cerea, Carlo Cracco, Sergio Mei, Tommaso Arrigoni and Andrea Berton.

She writes books and contributes articles on issues in wedding etiquette and the history of dining to a number of prominent magazines, blogs and web magazines.
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