KBB – Birmingham

2018-03-09 15:23:21

The second leg of the 2018 “Around The Top” tour brought the truck to England for the first time.

SapienStone’s four-wheeled showroom went to the UK for the very first time to take part in KBB in Birmingham, Britain’s biggest home stay event, with a focus on kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

The brand opened the doors of its truck to numerous experts from all over the world with a brand new look.

Two kitchens are assembled inside: linear kitchens featuring Earth Brown and Pietra Grey countertops on one side, and a Malm Grey countertop with an innovative integrated induction cooker in the centre.

The cooking area features a special induction cooker with touch controls in the Malm Black texture, that disappears into the surface of the slab, developed in collaboration with TPB Top Porzelanik Barcelona® of Spain.

A technology of great interest and appeal to everyone present!

After Birmingham, the truck set off for Spain and the next leg on the #AroundtheTop tour.

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