2018-03-23 00:00:00

After visiting the Balearic Islands, our truck reached Portugal to then return to Spain again for two legs of the Around the Top tour. We were hosted by two showrooms of our client Cupa Stone, for two very special open days devoted to kitchens and Italian design. The first event was held in Oporto on 22 March, while the second was held in Santiago on 23 March. Our travelling showroom opened its doors to the public, who was amazed by its new interiors and exteriors.

During these events, as usual, the public could enjoy a special cooking show in the kitchen installed in the truck, provided with a central island with a Malm Grey countertop. The chefs prepared their dishes on the innovative Malm Black integrated induction cooker installed directly on the countertop and boasting high resistance to scratches, pressure and heat. The induction cooker is the result of SapienStone’s collaboration with the Spanish firm TPB Top Porzelanik Barcelona®, that led to the creation of the special TPB Tech® integrated induction technology. After visiting Spain, the branded truck returned to Italy to get ready for the next legs of its tour, that will take place in Germany in mid-April.

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