Cevisama – Valencia

2018-02-12 17:10:13

The time has come: the “Around the Top” is off again!

After 7 months on the road, 9 cities and about 10,000 km taking Italian design on the road around Europe, the SapienStone truck went back to its headquarters in Italy for restyling of its livery and the kitchens installed on board.

The truck set off from the company’s headquarters in Modena for Cevisama, the international ceramic tile and natural stone exhibition in Valencia.

With new graphics and new porcelain textures in the two kitchens on board: Earth Brown and Pietra Grey on one side, Malm Grey on the other, accompanying the innovative integrated induction cooker.

The SapienStone travelling showroom appeared in Spain with this new look, welcoming trade fair visitors with demonstrations and cooking shows highlighting all the technical and aesthetic benefits of SapienStone countertops.

A chef put the efficiency of the Malm Grey porcelain countertop to the test in an island configuration featuring an innovative new cooking area: a Malm Black induction cooker with touch commands that disappear into the surface of the countertop, developed in partnership with TPB Top Porzelanik Barcelona®.

Visitors were struck by the linear kitchen featuring the new Earth Brown and Pietra Grey colours, with a Premium White slab displayed on the wall to show off the beauty of SapienStone kitchen countertops in light colours.

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