2023-06-08 18:18:59

From April 13 to May 28, SapienStone took center stage at Casa Decor 2023: serving as a platform for interior design, trends and lifestyle, it is held annually in a historic building in Madrid’s city center.
SapienStone materials were featured in two exclusive spaces where, in collaboration with two leading interior design studios based in Madrid, the qualities of ceramics were showcased. The key theme of these two exhibition spaces was the versatility of ceramics, which can be used as a surface for kitchen countertops, tables or flooring.

Now in its 58th edition, Casa Decor is housed in a historical building on Calle Serrano and this year comprised 55 spaces designed in collaboration with several companies in the interior design and architecture industry.
SapienStone was present in two spaces:

the COPATLIFE SPACE, a “way of life” space created in collaboration with Virginia Albuja;

the BC3 COCINAS SPACE, “mi cocina con mirador”, created in collaboration with the interior design studio Ele Room 62;

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