Places open all day long? The furnishing solutions offered by ISA and SapienStone

2023-10-20 09:09:33

From 13 to 17 October, SapienStone took center stage with ISA, a world leader in interior design for public places, at HOST, the world exhibition dedicated to the catering and hospitality sector, held in Milan: let us tell you more about it.

When it comes to interior design for public places, the most popular trend today is staying open all day long, which means that places welcome customers non-stop at all hours of the day.

These places stay open all day, serving breakfast, lunch, aperitifs and dinner.

This year at HOST, ISA, a leader in the field of interior design for public places, presented its range of furniture and equipment for such ‘fluid’ places:

It is the Groove collection, which consists of two extremely versatile SapienStone offerings: Urban Antracite and Sand Earth.

The color Urban Antracite adds a modern touch to any space and is popular with interior designers of public places who are looking to deliver a rational and cosmopolitan design concept.

The Sand Earth surface, instead, is the result of a combination of various shades of brown clays, with the deep texture of concrete.

The result is a multifood collection of furniture and equipment for public places that are open all day long, with clean and simple lines and a striking aesthetic impact, a premium destination for a discerning clientele interested in the latest design trends. 

SapienStone and ISA have formed an innovative partnership, an outstanding example of flexibility in terms of space and functionality, to inject style and sophistication into public places.

SapienStone and ISA have joined forces to offer furnishing solutions designed to reflect an ever-changing, contemporary lifestyle.

Find out more about the materials chosen by ISA for custom furnishings:

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