The SapienStone Bistrot: a place for people

2024-01-12 11:57:12

SapienStone opens the doors of its Bistrot: a place that is more than just a restaurant.

The concept behind the Bistrot is that it is not only an establishment for sampling gourmet delicacies, but also a place that welcomes people guests, collaborators, partners and workers – by combining aesthetics, technological innovation, and sustainability: the brand’s core values.

Upon entering, guests receive a friendly welcome at the reception desk and are introduced to the world of SapienStone.

The Bistrot’s entire layout is centered around a picturesque greenhouse, which is the focal point and distinguishing feature of this venue. Such an innovative architectural approach not only embodies the essence of nature, but also offers a beautiful dynamic setting for exploring SapienStonematerials and sharing with others.

The Bistrot consists of three separate areas, each one tailored to the diverse needs of its visitors.

The café, with its magnificent counter, is the first area where visitors can see for themselves and appreciate SapienStone materials and state-of-the-art technology such as the invisible induction cooktop, which is installed directly under the ceramic countertop.

The second common area features high tables and coworking spaces that promote interaction and creativity. It is a place where ideas and passions come together, inspired by the unique and breathtaking view of the hills around Reggio Emilia .

The third area, with comfortable sofas and coffee tables, is a peaceful haven for anyone who wants to have a relaxing time alone or in the company of others.

However, the Bistrot is so much more than a place where people can meet up and enjoy great food. It is a space specifically designed to make business contacts and lasting connections.

The bookcase holds numerous SapienStone materials and pushes the boundaries of a conventional showroom by actively sharing their story in an engaging way.

Visitors are encouraged to touch and discover the materials showcased in display dressers, combining them to create new compositions and find out more about the qualities and craftsmanship involved in creating each item.

The garden area that surrounds the Bistrot reveals the potential and versatility of the materials used: in fact, guests are invited to explore and experiment with applying SapienStone countertops to outdoor design projects.

The kitchen of the Bistrot is hidden, tucked away behind partitions clad with ceramic panels, and is specifically designed for hosting catering events and show cooking sessions, providing a uniquely captivating culinary experience.

The SapienStone Bistrot is a place where guests can enjoy a pleasant time, and where quality, innovation and aesthetics go hand in hand with hospitality.

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Bistrot SapienStone
Castellarano Headquarters
Via Guido Reni, 2
42014 Castellarano (RE) – Italy
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