Delamora Space by Vonna “Alice”

2024-04-22 15:53:56

Vonna, winner of the Public Award Casa Decor 2023, astounds us once again with the Delamora Space called "Alice". Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, this year Alice goes through the looking glass to enter an even more fantastic and undiscovered world.

Among the key elements of the design is the SapienStone porcelain stoneware, distributed in Spain by Cupa Stone. An elegant ceramic carpet on the floor, featuring models Balance Ivory, Balance Light Grey, and Platinum White, with a thickness of 6 mm, creates a surface with a natural texture that invites touch.

The central island, with a Uni Ice 12mm thickness ceramic countertop in polished finish, catches the eye due to innovative integrated induction technology. Induction plates are concealed within the ceramics to create an uncluttered surface free of appliances.
Alice by Vonna has captivated the public due to its originality, creativity and ability to transport the visitor to a dream world. An impeccable adventure and fresh new design that will undoubtedly leave its mark at this year’s Casa Decor.

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