Euromobil Space by Dosde "In/Out Kitchen"

2024-04-22 16:44:47

The Euromobil Space "In/Out Kitchen", designed by Dosde, perfectly illustrates fluidity blurring the boundaries between inside and outside, and creating a unique culinary experience. 

The terracotta hue, undisputed hero of the color palette, envelops the space, creating an ambiance of warmth and sophistication. In contrast the kitchen in elegant beige is the star of the space. A central island, featuring SapienStone’s 12mm thickness Luna Limestone porcelain stoneware on the countertop catches the eye, taking center stage. Cabinet doors, also in Luna Limestone, but a more discreet 6mm thickness add to the space’s harmony. The resilience to the elements of Sapienstone's stoneware, distributed in Spain by Cupa Stone, enables the kitchen to open to the outside without restrictions, transforming it into an "outdoor" space where nature becomes a permanent guest.

The chromatic juxtaposition between beige and terracotta throughout the space creates a harmonious link uniting interior and exterior. This combination can even be seen on the flooring, where alternating tiles in both colors create an eye-catching pattern. 

Much more than a simple kitchen, "In/Out Kitchen" is a multifunctional space where cooking, eating and enjoying the outdoors merge into a unique experience. Casa Decor 2024 continues its creative journey.

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