Tarimatec Space by Adriana Nicolau "Lanai Restaurant & Lifestyle"

2024-04-22 18:23:40

Talented interior designer Adriana Nicolau once again dazzles us with "Lanai Restaurant & Lifestyle" in the Tarimatec Space. This haven of calm sophistication, located in the very heart of Casa Decor 2024, emerges as the flagship restaurant of the event. 

Inspired by the freshness of a Hawaiian porch, its design is a journey through time, creating a dialogue between two eras: the majesty of the Palace and the modernity of the 21st century. Friezes and coffered ceilings intertwine with contemporary materials such as the large-format porcelain of SapienStone, distributed in Spain by Cupa Stone.

The focal point of the space is a welcoming bar area with an imposing countertop in Kuroca 4D by SapienStone. In addition, a private dining area features SapienStone’s elegant Calacatta 4D Cashmere, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy an aperitif or meal in a more intimate atmosphere.

"Lanai Restaurant & Lifestyle" is a space that catches the eye due to its authenticity, good taste and attention to detail. The perfect place to disconnect and enjoy the beautiful surroundings in all its forms.

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