Rigatoni all’amatriciana – A recipe by Federica Barbaranelli


Imagine an 18th-century manor house surrounded by greenery in Cóbreces, on the Bay of Biscay in Cantabria. This is where Federica Barbaranelli, originally from Rome, lives and runs her business, Federica&Co, which includes a B&B, cooking courses and an interior decorating shop.

The building’s interior was completely renovated recently, and SapienStone participated in the kitchen restyling project. Federica wanted a country kitchen, true to the spirit and history of the house; but she also wanted top-quality materials and technologies, which is why she chose a SapienStone Bright Onyx countertop, perfect for setting off the white wooden kitchen cabinets. The design of the material reproduces a very bright marble in an even colour with subtle veining, perfect for the mood Federica wanted to create in her kitchen. 

Though enchanted by the beauty of her SapienStone countertop, Federica has already started putting it to the test, making an all-Italian recipe which gives her an opportunity to appreciate the material’s strength, non-absorbency and easy cleaning. 

We look forward to interviewing Federica to get to know her better, hear all about her kitchen restyling project and ask about her experience with her new Bright Onyx countertop; in the meantime, here’s a link to her blog, where she talks about how she met SapienStone and provides her recipe for rigatoni all’amatriciana.

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