The colours of autumn come to Lidia’s new kitchen!

Today, the Nonsolofood blogger offers us the perfect recipe for the autumn season, featuring colourful, flavourful pumpkin!

Lidia prepared her latest new recipe in her new kitchen and studio featuring two countertops from the SapienStone collection, Calacatta and Grey Earth.

“I have SapienStone countertops in both of these spaces, as I have been using these surfaces for some time now and I really couldn’t do without them! Everyone who cooks recognises the importance of practicality, the beauty of being able to work, knead dough and make a mess (in a positive sense) without worrying. It’s great to be able to make full use of everything and enjoy it. I really enjoy working on these countertops!”

We went to see Lidia’s splendid newly renovated kitchen for ourselves this summer. If you missed the episode, you can read about it and watch our interview with Lidia here.

We have been working with the Milanese blogger for many years now. Lidia is a true SapienStone fan, and says she really couldn’t do without the practicality and elegance of SapienStone kitchen countertops.

“Not only can I work right on the countertop, I can cut things on it without worrying, and above all I can clean up afterwards without worrying about staining or using particular products, and then I’m ready to start all over again on a new recipe!”

But now, let’s get cooking!

Ready for today’s new recipe? All you need is whole wheat flour, a pumpkin and some sage.

“The great thing about SapienStone countertops is that you can work with your ingredients right on the countertop, without worrying about scratching or staining, and then clean it with a quick wipe of the cloth.”

To find out how to make this fragrant autumn galette, take a look at the Nonsolofood blog.


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