Vegan blackberry sorbet – recipe by Freiknuspern


Summer is officially here, and our food blogger Fabienne, of Freiknuspern, offers us a recipe perfect for the season.

Today she suggests a delicious, truly special blackberry sorbet. Yes, because the recipe she suggests is vegan, gluten-free and contains no refined sugar or soy. And it’s easy to make without an ice-cream machine!

“Today a summer recipe for you: a blackberry sorbet with mind and chocolate bits. A delicious combination (…) I really like the combination of chocolate and blackberries, and I use a lot of mint in summer.”

Fabienne confesses she can be a bit messy making her recipes, and her kitchen is often splashed and stained “as if the mixer had exploded (which did actually happen several times!)”

The blogger admits it can be very hard to clean up certain stains, not only from her clothes but also from the kitchen countertop. Which is why Fabienne literally fell in love with SapienStone porcelain surfaces.

“The truly special thing is that the surfaces are totally insensitive to stains, cold, heat and scratches. I was particularly amazed to see their marble-effect surfaces, because my personal experience has shown me how sensitive marble can be in the kitchen!”

Fabienne made her recipe on a SapienStone kitchen counterop in the Earth texture, one of the brand’s new colours.

“I was really curious to try this worktop and see how it would perform with a messy cook like me (…) I cut and crushed the fruit directly on the work surface, minced the chocolate (…) prepared the hot mint syrup and then rested the frozen ice cream tray on it (…) I stained the worktop over and over again while I was working, and I was amazed to see how quick and easy it was to clean.”

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