Designing for the Contract sector: 7 questions for the 4Cadires design studio

Designing for the Contract sector: 7 questions for the 4Cadires design studio

Interior design projects for the Contract sector. We interviewed the Barcelona-based design studio 4Cadires, which specializes in sustainable design solutions.


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The founder and director of the well-known Spanish interior design studio told us what lies at the heart of her approach to design and why she chooses SapienStone surfaces for kitchens and other types of projects that stand out for their remarkable aesthetic appeal and functionality.


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A symphony of pasta and risotto for musician Claudio Piastra


The famous classical guitarist loves cooking, even though his international musical engagements don’t leave him much time to indulge his hobby. His fridge is always well-stocked with butter, and he often eats forgotten traditional rustic dishes .

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Classical guitarist Claudio Piastra: food is music too


The world-famous Parma-born musician adores playing his guitar in the kitchen as well as eating there. He loves the traditional dishes of the Emilia region like anolini, but he prefers to accompany them with wines from Piedmont .

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Chef Gino: a passion for food


We complete our chat with the best-loved children’s chef in the US. With experience as a children’s entertainer, he knows just how to inspire and amuse his young pupils, teaching them to cook and eat more healthily in fun-packed lessons .

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Chef Gino: a role model for American children


We meet the most famous Italian chef in the US: Gino teaches little kids about healthy eating, using fresh ingredients and simple recipes, and encourages them to try out cooking for themselves. The superstar chef has turned teaching children about food into an inspiring mission .

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A voyage through the world of tea: phytopharmacological properties


Tea is a comforting and health-giving beverage. Felix Bürklein explains that it reinforces the immune system, fights free radicals, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, prevents premature ageing of the skin and has digestive, anti-bacterial and antitumoural properties. .

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A voyage through the world of tea with tea sommelier Felix Bürklein


We talk to an expert on one of the world’s oldest and most popular beverages, from Teekontor Keitum on the island of Sylt, in northern Germany: an enchanting spot amidst the silence of nature, the perfect place for a steaming, fragrant cup of tea! .

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