SapienStone Pietra Grey countertop for Ballerina Küchen


SapienStone works with Ballerina Küchen on a new catalogue .

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Tidbits of bon ton


The table is a place for conviviality, sharing, enjoying yourself with others. Laying it is an art, and knowing how to behave properly when dining at it is a blend of skill and technique.


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The kitchen, the heart of the home and the modern family


The kitchen is the true star of the modern family, providing a place to meet and exchange experiences. SapienStone countertops are able to meet the new demands of how we now experience this space in a fresh, dynamic way.


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Kitchen Renovation – SapienStone for Lidia Forlivesi


For the kitchen and the study of her new house in Milan, food blogger Lidia Forlivesi has chosen SapienStone Calacatta Statuario and Grey Earth countertops, essential allies that allow her to express her culinary creativity.

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Interview with Massimiliano De Gregorio of De Gregorio Interni


A few weeks ago we flew to Stuttgart to visit the “De Gregorio Interni” showroom. Here is our interview with the owner.

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Kitchen Renovation – SapienStone for Lena Terlutter


German blogger Lena Terlutter chose SapienStone’s Arabescato surface for her new kitchen: a vast, brightly lit space that has become the fulcrum of her home.

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