Black kitchen counter. Style and functionality tips


As Coco Chanel said, “black has it all... it is the perfect harmony”, and this is especially true in the field of interior design.

The comeback of the black kitchen countertop is now a reality: it has only recently become popular again, also due to the fact that homes have taken on new meaning, as a place that expresses style, functionality, and involvement.

If we examine this trend in greater detail, we will find that black kitchen countertops are often chosen for open-plan layouts to help better delimit and connect spaces within the home.

Therefore, a dark kitchen is well suited to situations in which visual and spatial continuity with the surrounding space is created: when there are no walls, the elegant and warm raven black hue becomes the focal point of the home.

But who said that black is a dull color? Let’s find out together how varied and incredibly versatile this color can be when used for kitchen countertops, even when combined with other materials with a wood or concrete effect.

Choice 1. Black marble-effect kitchen counter

Deep and seductive, the black marble-effect kitchen counter fascinates with its sophisticated allure.

It is a well-thought-out choice, but certainly not a difficult one. In fact, porcelain stoneware kitchen countertops with a black marble effect are also available, ensuring excellent performance when it comes to their resistance and aesthetic appeal.
Dark Marquina by Sapienstone is a prime example of this: inspired by the Spanish stone of the same name, it stands out for having a strong and dense texture, in which a dark background highlights the thin white veins that run across the surface.

This black veined kitchen counter can be used on its own by matching it with elements in the same shade, or placed next to other materials in different colors, such as white marble-effect porcelain stoneware (pictured here with Premium White).

Choice 2. Black matte kitchen counter

The matte black kitchen top is the ideal choice for those who prefer less flamboyant and yet equally aesthetically appealing countertop materials.

From this perspective, there are two options:

  • a surface with a modern and timeless look, suitable for furniture accessories of any color such as Urban Antracite. Available in a natural finish, either 12 mm or 20 mm thick, this countertop adds a sophisticated touch to the whole room.
  • a kitchen counter that reinterprets black lava stone and the strength of this element. Basalt Black by SapienStone is a material inspired by volcanic rock, which has a very elegant essence and is ideal also for creating outdoor kitchens.

Choice 3. Sparkling black kitchen counter

As for eye-catching effects, the sparkling black kitchen counter features metallic and iridescent hues in its structure, which contrast with the dark base, creating luminous decorative effects.

A number of options are available in this case too:

  • Black Diamond which, as the name suggests, combines a black background with precious elements in shades of bronze and gold. Charismatic and welcoming, this material is easy to clean and very practical in residential settings, adding extra comfort and coziness.
  • From the century-old tradition of “seminato”, here is a state-of-the-art version of Venetian-style terrazzo flooring. Seminato Nero is the porcelain stoneware kitchen countertop that reinterprets the original look of this surface and enriches it with technological and innovative properties. In the polished version, this sparkling black kitchen counter charms with its beautiful, small textured fragments, which reflect light even more. 

Choice 4. Polished black kitchen counter

Last but not least, the polished black kitchen counter, the alter ego of classic taste with a focus on style and sophistication.

These surfaces can be extremely delicate and prone to abrasion, so if you are not sure whether to get a quartz or porcelain stoneware countertop, it is best to go for the best-performing material, in particular as regards direct contact with high temperatures and inalterability over time. 
Malm Black by SapienStone reinterprets iridescent dark metals. In its semi-polished finish, it combines a cutting-edge look with elegance and safety. As with the other surfaces in this range, Malm Black is resistant to UV rays, thermal shock, scratches and is completely non-absorbent.

Are you unable to decide what is best for your project out of the 4 tips for black kitchen counters?

Our team can help you choose. Tell us what you need or book your visit to our showroom with one of our associates.


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